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Top-of-the-Line Beauty and the Beast Costumes

At Harris Costumes, we're particularly excited about our Beauty and the Beast costumes line. As one of the most produced shows in the United States, especially at high schools, we take significant pride in providing high-quality costuming for this beloved brand. We are always upgrading and adding to this costume line, so be sure to check out our current Price List. If you want to put on a show with our costumes, make sure you look through our Beauty and the Beast Pre-Show Agreement.

Beauty and the Beast

Belle Costumes

Belle's costumes have been crafted exclusively for this show with exquisite fabrics and trims. The costumes are available in various sizes. Available costumes for Belle:

• Blue "This Provincial Town" Dress
• Cape
• Library Dress
• Ball Gown

The Beast

The beast's costumes are made of blue velvet with silver lapels. His costume is trimmed with silver rhinestones up the sleeve on the jacket, down the leg of the pants, and along the edge of the lapel. His costume comes with gloves, hair, wig with horns, and boots.

Ball Costume

• Blue Velvet Tail Coat
• Blue Velvet Pants
• Blue & Silver Vest
• Silver Jabot
• Silver Poet Shirt

Castle Costume

• Knickers
• Poet Shirt
• Cape


Cogsworth, the famous clock, is a wearable piece of furniture! We have four costumes in different sizes. His costumes include:

Enchanted Costume

• Clock
• Key
• Lace Jabot
• Leg Covers
• Hat

Human Costume

• Coat
• Vest
• Knickers
• Poet Shirt
• Golden Jabot



The famous candelabra, whose costume consists of all the following pieces:

• Black Tail Coat, Trimmed With Gold Lapel & Cuffs (Used During the Human Scene Also)
• Gold & Black Slacks
• 2 Candle Arms
• 2 Leg Pieces (One for Each Leg)
• Elaborately Decorated Plaque for His Chest & Shoulders
• Candle Hat
• Belt (Reversible, Used for Both Enchanted Castle & Human Scenes)
• White Shirt and Jabot (Human Scenes)


Mrs. Potts

Mrs. Potts


• Teapot • Collar • Hat


• Dress • Mob cap • Apron


Babette's costume is unique in that the various parts are added as she becomes more "enchanted." The parts are:

  • Black dress
  • Sequin or lace blouse
  • Hat (Enchanted scenes)
  • Feather cuffs (Enchanted scenes)
  • Feather skirt (Removable for human scenes)
  • Apron (reversible for human scenes)
  • Collar.


Madame de la Grande Bouche

Madame's costume is a unique, wearable piece of furniture. The dresser is on rollers so it is easily maneuvered on stage. It includes: 


• Wardrobe
• Wig with Built-in Headpiece
• Dress
• Slip

Madame de la Grande Bouche

Beatuy and the Beast Cast

Beauty and the Beast Cast